Update 5.1 - The MODerately Extravagant Hotfix

June 28, 2022

We found a handful of bugs in Update 5 that we wanted to get a handful of fixes and updates in before we’ll have Update 6 ready later this summer.

We also have big news on the Steam Deck front! We got word back from Valve that we've moved from "Unsupported" to "Playable"! We have a handful of additional fixes that we'll need to make to move to Verified status, but expect that to come in the few updates.

Without further ado, here’s the MODerately Extravagant Hotfix!

  • In certain circumstances, a bug was preventing common aliens from spawning in Episode 2, map 1. We’ve fixed the bug, and additionally, we removed the free bagels from the Episode 2 break room, as they were making the aliens logy

  • We fixed a crash that, in rare circumstances, could crash the game if the entire team died and the team wiped in Episode 3

  • Fixed several bugs that caused sporadic problems with in-game quest tracking. We believe that now your current progress should always be directly reflected in-game

  • All players should now see the headgear that they and other players have selected in game

  • All players should now see the gun charm that they and other players have selected displayed in game

  • Fixed a WinGDK crash that occurred for some players on launch

  • Fixed a rare error that caused certain player skins to not display properly for some players

  • Fixed an error that causes players to see their selected headgear while in the first-person view after transitioning between levels or joining a game. To be honest, we thought this one was pretty funny, but we fixed it despite that

  • Fixed a gun charm error that caused additional weapon charms to float in space, approximately 3 meters in front of the player

  • Fixed a holdout bug that prevented matter compiler re-rolls from resetting if you restarted the Holdout from inside the game

  • Removed a cheese spot in the Ep3 holdout map

  • Pulled in the latest version of our Community Campaigns, The Cosmos Bridge and StrayBay, and from our mod creators