Early Access Roadmap - v1.0

January 6, 2022

As we enter Early Access/Game Preview, we wanted to let you know what our immediate and long-term plans are. Those plans will live in this spot indefinitely. We'll update the post and push the old information off as it moves into the game.

During the Early Access period, we're starting with a bi-weekly update cadence (that's every other week, not twice a week). That's not written in stone though, so expect us to make occasional adjustments to accommodate larger updates, private tests we want to run, etc.

Update 2.2 - 3/1/22

  • You can use the fire key to leave AFK mode immediately, which is especially helpful

  • Place the medkits in the starting airlock in the player's inventory at the start of the level

  • Quick Play always tries to join games in progress first. Choosing an episode will start a new game for that episode.

  • Servers are less picky about the distance for interactable objects, so that clients with higher pings should have an easier time picking up objects and interacting with the world.

Update 2.1 - 2/14/22

  • Reverted an update to the Ammo Charger VFX that was causing crashes for some players.

  • Adjusted matchmaking to allow more players to join games already in progress.

Update 2

Update 2 included enough changes to warrant it's own page, including the launch of the Infinity Pass for all players.

1.3 Hotfix

  • Performance improvements for Xbox Series X players - Xbox Series X players should now get consistent 60fps at 4K resolutions in most situations. We'll continue to improve performance indefinitely, but this should give players a much better experience most of the time.

  • Performance improvements for Xbox Series S Players - Xbox Series S players should now get consistent 60fps at 1080p resolutions in most situations. We'll continue to improve performance indefinitely, but this should give players a much better experience most of the time.

  • Performance improvements for Xbox One/One X/One S players - Xbox One players should experience more consistent framerates in most situations. We'll continue to improve performance indefinitely, but this should give players a much better experience most of the time.

  • We applied client changes that are required for us to release our first Challenge Track next month.

1.2 Hotfix

The 1.2 Hotfix is live on all platforms as of 2PM PST on 1/20. We're finalizing the first update for The Anacrusis and will be sending it off to certification shortly. This first update contains multiple fixes for issues that players encountered and that we were able to fix without extensive testing. Pending approval, we expect this patch to go live by 1/26 at the latest.

  • Episode 1 Finale Fix: The Game Instructor will now properly identify and highlight the memory card that players need to collect at the end of the Episode 1 finale. It wasn't our intent to ship an infinite holdout at launch, but we did appreciate the people who managed to survive in the finale for 10+ minutes.

  • AZERTY Keyboard Fix: Players who use the AZERTY keyboard layout will be able to select perks from Matter Compilers using their keyboards.

  • First-Play Story Fix: If you're in a group with a player who hasn't played the episode before, you should now get first-time story exposition in airlocks, as well as some prompts that should help players understand core mechanics, like the Pulse.

  • Director Increases Difficulty When It Should Decrease It: We identified a bug that caused the Director to increase the difficulty after a wipe when it should be decreasing it. If you tried and failed, and then got stomped when you tried again, we're really sorry and we believe that it shouldn't happen again.

  • User Interface Bugs: The user interface bug that displays the player as dead, ammo or health at 999, or other unexpected behaviors has been fixed.

  • Camera Low W/ No Vertical Control: Fixed the issue where pressing multiple buttons at the same time could cause the camer to get stuck in an unusual position.

  • Placing a Ping Marker in the World Doesn't Make a Sound: Now pinging the world will make a sound for you and other players. You can help your fellow survivors know which way they should be carrying the alien matter in the Episode 2 gauntlet.

  • Login Issues With the Microsoft Store/PC Game Pass Build: This log-in issue has been fixed.

  • Anti-Virus Blocks or Deletes Anacrusis.exe: We've signed the executable appropriately and have submitted it to all of the anti-virus vendors we're aware of. If you're still having problems after the patch releases, please submit a bug at our support site.

  • Bots Getting Stuck: We expect to continue working on the bots indefinitely, but they should be less likely to get stuck now.

We're expecting this patch to be out to all players by 1/26 at the latest, and will update Twitter, the Discord, and this post as soon as we finalize the release time.

Longer Term - Update 2

Update 2 consists of bigger changes to player experience that we felt required too much testing to get out in the Update 1.2 Hotfix. We are actively working on Update 2 at this time, so changes listed here may or make the actual release in February. As we get closer, we'll post a more-accurate list of changes.

  • A first-pass solution for griefing players/reporting bad players

  • A new perk + fixes for broken perks

  • A prompt to configure voice settings the first time you start the game

  • Players getting stuck in the elevators

Even Longer Term

Once we're through the launch phase, we're going to continue working on Episode 4 and 5 until they're ready for beta testing. Both episodes are playable internally today, but there are large sections that are still in greybox (they haven't received the art pass that will turn them from untextured shapes into something that looks like the inside of the Isolode).

We're also committed to rolling out mod tools that will make it easier for modders to create new content for the game during the Early Access/Game Preview period.

And as always, we plan to continue with our core Stray Bombay ethos of building, testing, and iterating new weapons, enemies, game modes, and more during the Early Access/Game Preview period. This is more vague than we'd like, but we want to let the dust from the launch settle so we can start collecting feedback from players and make more informed decisions about the longer-term roadmap.

We expect to leave the Early Access/Game Preview period in the second half of 2022, when Season 0 is completed and we move on to the creating the next season of The Anacrusis.